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What is your safety or the safety of your family worth to you? The confidence and the peace of mind knowing you have the ability and the tools to defend yourself and those you care about most are 

important. With each passing day, we read more and more about gang violence, aggravated assaults, rapes, abductions and even murders in our own neighborhoods and wonder how can we keep our ourselves  and our loved ones safe?  

Dodd's Guns knows that feeling safe, secure and confident handling your firearm is an important part of Gun Safety. There are numerous CCW permit (Carry Concealed Weapon permit) courses springing up all over Ohio and they all offer the same training required by Ohio Law. Dodd's Guns CCW Training course takes that training one step further by incorporating tactical awareness and preparing you for real-life situations including the aftermath.

Educating students, so that they understand the consequences of their actions as well as the obligation and accountability that accompany a Concealed Handgun Licence (CHL), is a central component of the Dodd’s Guns Basic Pistol training course.  With the power of life and death literally at your fingertips, Dodd’s Guns will help you understand that the utilization of that same power must be implemented with tremendous caution.  Remember...carrying a concealed weapon without a permit can result in a $500 or more fines, a misdemeanor conviction, and possible jail time.

Dodd's Guns Basic Pistol training classes not only educates it’s students on the Ohio Concealed Handgun Permit requirements but also aids in the development of handgun skills with an emphasizes on safety and civilian self-defense situations. Dodd's Guns teaches that utilizing a firearm should always be considered a "last resort” for self-defense as the emotional trauma and poignant repercussions of shooting another human being, for most of us, would be a devastating and life changing experience. The final message: "By taking a CCW course and obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit, you chose to have the means to defend yourself with deadly force. As a result, you unavoidably inherit the responsibility to exercise extreme caution when determining whether or not to use that force".    

D0N'T GET CAUGHT WITHOUT YOUR Concealed Handgun License IN OHIO!

Dodd’s Guns 
NOW offers (CCW)
Concealed Carry Weapon Classes  
to help you be prepared.

DODD'S Guns OHIO CCW permit required / Basic Pistol Course is an investment in Safety and Protection! 

Our classes are practical, informative and enjoyable. You will learn everything you need to know about carrying a concealed weapon and more in a relaxed but well coordinated atmosphere and have fun in the process! The majority of Dodd's Guns CCW Training Course students see immediate, and substantial, improvement in their accuracy using their handgun on the range thanks to our skilled NRA Certified Instructors Frank Dodd and Charles Sinclair as the course covers the fundamentals of pistol or handgun marksmanship.  

Students must be over the age of 21 and show respect for their firearms and Ohio Law as well as the instructors and members of law enforcement. All students are treated equal and no question or concern will go unanswered.  Please note that drug or alcohol use will not be tolerated during class/range time and the instructor reserves the right to dismiss you from class without refund if you fail to comply with these conditions.  

Dodd's Guns offers a variety of Concealed Carry classes to accommodate your scheduling needs. All classes consist of a ONE  Day, Eight-hour course including both the range and classroom portions. (One-day course begins at 8:00 a.m. and lasts until 4:00 p.m. 1-day Individual one-on-one training and special multiple day training classes are available for an additional charge.  All classes include training for basic pistol/handgun safety and handling, legal and civil liability, tactical procedures (in the case of an intruder/home invasion situation), subject control techniques, proper conceal methods, and more.  Our classes go beyond the state minimum necessary for your CCW application.   

Normal class price is $115.  Class price is $100 + $15 for course packet materials.   


For more information on full class schedules or  to sign up, please call us at

(330) 536-6106 or email Frank Dodd. #mce_temp_url#


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Dodd's Guns CCW Class teaches students how to clear a jam as seen in this video.  

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Ohio CCW Training and Dodd's Guns


Why do I need a CHL IN OHIO? 

In Ohio, as well as several other states, civilians have the right to carry a concealed weapon, provided they meet the requirements outlined by the state such as attending a 8-hour basic pistol course and obtain a concealed handgun license or CHL.

If an individual is in possession of a concealed weapon without meeting the state requirements or in a state where concealed weapons are prohibited, he could face jail time and pay more than $500 in fines with a misdemeanor conviction on his permanent record.

Penalties for those who do not have a CHL but carry a concealed weapon:

Carrying a concealed weapon without a CHL is, in most cases, is considered a misdemeanor if the individual had possession of a concealed weapon but no other crime was committed at the time of his arrest or citation. If a concealed weapon is present and charges were filed for an additional crime or misdemeanor, the charge automatically becomes a felony. For example, an individual who is involved in an altercation in possession of a concealed weapon, even if they do not use the weapon to defend themselves, may be charged with a felony crime.  Dodd's Guns 8-hour CCW training (NRA basic pistol course) outlines everything you need to know about obtaining a CHL as well as provides the certification necessary for the application. 

Possible Penalties for carrying a concealed weapon without a CHL include 

  • Fines of up to $500 or more
  • Loss of rights or license to carry a concealed weapon in Ohio
  • Jail time 

Q: What are the requirements for obtaining a CHL in OHIO? 

A:  In order for an Ohio resident to obtain a concealed carry license, they must meet the following requirements in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 2923.125(A):

  1. At least 21 years of age
  2. An Ohio resident at least 45 days and a resident of the county of application (or an adjacent county) for at least 30 days
  3. Must have received a Certificate of Competency, as specified in O.R.C. Section 2923.125 (B) (3) (a), (b), (c), (e) or (f), within 3 years prior to date of application, covering the training requirements as specified in O.R.C. Section 2923.125 (G) (1) and (G) (2)
  4. Applicant is not disqualified pursuant to criminal background check or mental incompetency check, as specified in O.R.C. 2923.125 (D) (1) (d), (e), (f), (g), (h), (i) or (j), or retired as a result of a mental disability. Also, the applicant is not prohibited by O.R.C. 2923.13 Having Weapon While Under Disability.
  5. Must have a color photo taken within 30 days of application passport size 2"x2"
  6. Attest that applicant has read pamphlet provided by Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission as specified, and also attest the handgun shall be carried for a lawful purpose
  7. Non-refundable fee of $67.00 at the time of the application, unless retired law enforcement whereby the fee is waived.

a) Retired law enforcement documentation; retirement I.D. card with date of retirement, or letter from law enforcement agency stating date of retirement.

 Concealed Carry Manual - This booklet, which summarizes Ohio’s concealed handgun law, is required reading for all applicants for a concealed handgun license. 

Ohio's Concealed Carry Laws and License Application Manual.  




OHIO CCW Supporters 

Ohio Artist Marcella Sinclair


CCW Class includes the following Mandated by Ohio Law:

The Basic Pistol Course is required if you intend to apply for a Concealed Handgun License in the state of Ohio. Under Ohio Law you must successfully complete this course to obtain a certificate. 

  • Safe Handling of Firearms
  •  Ohio Concealed Carry Laws
  •  Handgun Nomenclature (vocabulary/ parts)
  •  Handgun Function
  •  Malfunction Drills
  •  Loading & Unloading
  •  Proper Firearm Maintenance & Cleaning
  •  Proper Storage of Firearms & Ammunition
  •  Pistol Shooting Fundamentals
  •  Defensive Pistol Selection
  •  Holster Selection
  •  Range Training will consist of at least 2 hours


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